About me

Hi, welcome to my blog! I'm Marcelo, I live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and I'm a software developer. I often spend a lot of time having rambling thoughts about a wide variety of subjects, and now I decided to publish them here, to help me organize them, preserve them for posterity (so, in the future, I can see how stupid I was) and share them with you (so you also can see how stupid I am, today).


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Professionally, I'm partner of Diferencial Consultores Associados, a small and growing technology/consulting company, and developer/architect of DifAgape - ERP system targeted at the third sector. I also run a number of side projects, most of them too young to  be even mentioned here. Work mostly with Python and JavaScript, but have some background in a wide range of languages and programming paradigms. Dream of writing my own language someday... Also interested in game design (as hobbyist), and always looking for new ways technology can help mankind achive a state of peace and prosperity, for everyone.

Technology for me is not just the tool of my job, but also occupy a great deal of my thoughts. I have strong opinions about it, getting frequently sad when I can't live up to them. I'm a very vocal advocate of free software and strongly opposed to Intellectual Property, patents and copyrights. I wish to build my whole career according to those principles, but I'm often ready to compromise (though a bit reluctantly) when faced with bigger and more important issues.

and Beyond

I don't really believe you can separate your ideals from your profession. If you worked at KFC on weekdays and were a PETA activist on weekends, what would be your net effect? But on a smaller scale, we often do things in the name of "professionalism" that we wouldn't even think of doing off hours, either rationalizing our actions or dismissing them as outside our control. The myth of "business ethics"...

On the other hand, surviving is a hard task, and few have the priviledge of choosing between money and principles. That's why I believe any truly transformative change in our society must start with a better distribution of wealth and opportunities. Otherwise, too many people will remain trapped into opportunism and "struggle for life", unable to react even to truly grave and endangering events (such as human induced environmental deterioration or life-threatening large scale wars). I always try to act right, but without being too judgemental of other people's choices.

But enough of boring talk! Let's save some boredom for the actual essays. If you're still interested in reading my rants, getting to know me better in the process, I see you inside. Enjoy!